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Producing for a ”You Tube generation”


For a longtime video was something that the educational materials production branch had to do without – expensive production equipment and staff intensive setups made it impossible to include film as a natural component of a teaching materials package. This is simply not the case today.

Today’s youngsters are used to You Tube clips, or using their mobile phones to make their own films with sometimes surprisingly good quality results. The most important factor is not the level of technical perfection but rather the content itself. Today ’content is, indeed, King’.

Our reasoning is similar concerning our video productions. It should always be the concept and the pedagogical value that acts as the driving force and not the technology that dictates the terms or sets unnecessary economic limitations on a project.

For today’s youngsters video is taken for granted as a media from which to learn and therefore - we think - should be a natural component in each and every teaching materials package.

Film technology today is relatively inexpensive and the quality is absolutely “good enough”. This should lead to the educational market being able to break into the field in a more consistent way than it has in the past.

Below is a montage of different films that we have produced according to this philosophy.

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