Top quality audio recordings, video productions and internet applications.


Sayit AB is a fully committed team with over 25years experience in producing top quality audio recordings, video productions and internet applications for educational publishers all over Europe.

We have a genuine passion for educational material and we also pay close attention to the latest developments in technology and new teaching methods so that all our products are developed to deliver the best experience to the end user - the student. We work solely with educational publishers throughout Europe, using only native speakers and professional voiceover artists in all our productions, and we are always on the lookout for new voice-talents to help your project come alive. Sayit AB has been around for over 25 years and in all that time we have never once missed a deadline. But above all we enjoy the work we do – and we do it well.

Our services include:

Audio recordings in English, German, French, Spanish and Swedish

Video production

Production of songs/music [for the educational market]

Production of internet applications in html5.

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